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Merchant Services: Redefined

Choice Merchant Solutions services. What exactly does that encompass? Gets the meaning changed in the last several years? Merchant services are broadly defined as a broad variety of financial services used for (and by) businesses, but more often than not the definition is narrowed to a small grouping of particular services round the skill for a business to take and process consumer credit and bank card transactions. Within the more succinct definition, ser-vices generally include credit and debit payment processing, payment gateways, on-line order and processing, present and loyalty programs and even point of-sale (POS) system integrations.

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What has become the conventional in merchant ser-vices for nearly twenty years is transforming. Well, maybe not transforming, but definitely expanding - all as a result of mobile. 

Today's merchant services still supply the transactional and conventional support, such as payment gateways, merchant portals, merchant accounts, online payment acceptance, and customer support and technical support. 

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Merchant services now and in the foreseeable future must be dedicated to customer participation. New technologies, mostly driven by cellular, provide significant opportunities for those retailers who leverage them, to increase revenues through built-in customer acquisition and retention programs along with a substantially improved experience for the consumer as a whole.

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