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October 23 2013


Level Up Your Payment Processing with Choice Merchant Solutions

Ecommerce is the new king of trade. Recent studies show that more than half of commercial processes are made online. This is because online purchases are a lot more convenient. The consumer no longer needs to come to a stall in order to take a look at the products. All he needs to do is browse the supplier’s website. There is also no more need to dangerously carry huge amounts of cash around. Just input your credit card number and verify and the order is complete. Then all you need to do is to wait for the item to be delivered right to your front door.

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Payment Processing Solutions

Payment processing solutions are a must for any ecommerce business. It is because these solutions are what enables a business to take orders online and collect payment from the customer’s bank. There are established payment channels such as PayPal and Amazon that one can partner with. Such huge companies however charge a significant amount. Choosing them will force you to either raise the price of your products a lot higher or be content with very little profit. Small and startup businesses cannot afford to increase the price of their products because it will prevent them from gaining a loyal client base. They also cannot deal with diminished profits because they have to work with huge capital expenditures. The best choice therefore is to find solution providers that specialize in servicing small scale enterprises.


Choice Merchant Solutions

This provider specializes in helping small time companies get their payment processes going. It will take care of everything from the development of a process that is tailor fit to your company up to its implementation. It will even provide you with customer services. The biggest advantage of partnering with it is that it charges significantly less amounts. Unlike the bigger providers that charge both monthly and per purchase fees, it only charges the latter. This means that if you do not make any sales, you will not need to pay for the solution.


The Best Deal

Choice Merchant Solutions definitely offers the best deal because of its variable charging scheme. It charges a fixed percentage of the sales price of your product so it is completely viable even if you are operating under a mass selling low income per unit strategy.


June 03 2013

Choice Merchant Solutions is one of the most reliable merchant account providers. 
Do you know how to set up a merchant account? This video might help!
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